Military Value – Niagara Air Reserve Station

Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station Installation Overview

Military Operations area is less than 30 miles over Lake Ontario from base.

Located on 987 acres of land 4 miles northeast of the city of Niagara Falls, New York.

  • Home to the 914th Airlift Refueling Wing (USAFC) and 107th Airlift Attack Wing (NYANG)
  • Niagara Falls International Airport is home to 865th Army Combat Hospital and 277th Army Quartermaster Corp
  • Currently home to 8 KC-135 tankers
  • Strategically located on the Canadian border between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario
  • 15,000 square miles MOA Low Altitude Training and Navigation Area (LATNA) located 30 nm from base
  • 2 drop zones located on the airfield
  • 4 drop zones within 40 nm
  • 7 drop zones within 150 nm
  • 75% of the guard and reservists live within 50 miles of the base

Niagara has the ability to accommodate additional aircraft and missions, including the ability to accommodate:

  • 8 additional aircraft with no new construction
  • Ramp space for assignment of an additional 12 aircraft
  • Up to 26 aircraft in a surge capacity
  • Lodging and admin/operations support for additional space

Buildable acreage is available on base for additional mission requirements with space available both east and west of the base to support new or expanded missions.

121018-F-GU829-008Military Value in Infrastructure Elements

  • 9,825 foot runway accommodates all military aircraft
  • 6,000 foot crosswind runway slated for extension FY 2016
  • 43 acres (1.87 million sq. feet) of ramp and apron space
  • 75,500 square feet of enclosed maintenance hangar space
  • 491,000 gallon POL storage capacity with modern hydrant system
  • NFARS has never encountered a flight delay due to airspace utilization
  • NFARS is located in a low density population area and has no noise or encroachment issues
  • The installation meets all Department of Defense Force Protection Standards
  • On base billeting accommodates 376 individuals