Military Value

MOA (Military Operating Area)

Quick access to Lake Ontario’s MOA and restricted airspace. Supports continuation training for both RPA and tanker missions, including access to Fort Drum’s training airspace and live firing ranges.


FAA tower-controlled airfield with uncongested airspace near military training airspace within 13 nautical miles. Key geographic location allows for efficient support of the eastern United States and worldwide tanker mission.


Support for Atlantic Air Bridge missions due to relative closeness to eastern US AR tracks (AR 80/81/82/20). Strategic location for refueling support of over-the-Arctic missions. (During a post deployment, the 107th Air Refueling Wing recovered its tanker non-stop from Japan to Niagara using Arctic routing.) 


Coordinated customs capabilities to handle military aircraft using Niagara as first port of entry into the United States, due to existing customs operations in the Niagara Falls International Airport.


Weather in Niagara has been relatively unaffected by weather events that have severely influenced Buffalo and other Western New York communities. Due to its unique and protected location, NFARS remains a fully mission-capable facility during weather events affecting other air refueling units in the northeast.


Two large modern lodging facilities with 275 beds / 202 rooms, built to the latest Air Force standards (circa 2000). New dining facility with capacity of 600 (completed in 2012). Gym / fitness center (FY18 planned upgrade). Modern fire department built to accommodate a large aircraft tanker mission (completed in 2009).


Ample office and classroom space for the existing refueling and RPA missions, including a flight simulator training building (circa 2016). A state-of-the-art firing range completed in 2010. Existing MOA available for training within 13 nautical miles.

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