Your Support Matters

Why Become a member of nimac?

Why Join if you are an Individual

If you have a family member in the Military, this is a great way to show your support. If you benefit in any way from the Airbase and its personnel, this is a way to help us in working to keep it here and growing!

Why Join if you are a business owner

Keeping the Airbase here and thriving keeps our local economy going. The NFARS is  the largest employer in Niagara Falls and the 3,000 people working on the base are your potential customers. Our Airbase personnel all live here, shop here, and secure local services.

Why join if you are an association or not for profit

Associations and Not For Profit Organizations thrive in a growing economy. When people work in a community, they also spend, join, and give in the community. 

For less than a quarter a day, you’ll be supporting and protecting our local heroes, our local businesses, and our local families. 

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Building Our Communities

Economic Impact

Fighting for families