865th Army Combat Support Hospital

865th-Army-CombatThe mission of the 865th Combat Support Hospital is to provide resuscitation, initial wound surgery, and post-operative treatment; return-to-duty soldiers in the combat zone (CZ) who fall within the corps evacuation policy; and stabilize patients for further evacuation.

The 865th Combat Support Hospital is assigned to the 8th Medical Brigade during peacetime, and to a medical brigade or medical group when mobilized for active service. At full strength, the 865th Combat Support Hospital provides:

  • Hospitalization for up to 296 patients, consisting of 8 wards providing intensive nursing care for up to 96 patients, 7 wards providing intermediate nursing care for up to 140 patients, 1 ward providing neuropsychiatric care for up to 20 patients, and 2 wards providing minimal nursing care for up to 40 patients.
  • Resuscitative surgery and medical treatment of critically injured, ill, or wounded patients requiring highly specialized care which will prepare them for further evacuation.
  • Surgical capacity based on 8 operating room tables for surgical capacity of 144 operating room table hours per day.
  • Consultation services for patients referred from other medical treatment facilities.
  • Echelon I combat health support for organic personnel.
  • Pharmacy, clinical laboratory, blood banking, radiology services, and nutrition care services.
  • Physical therapy support to patients.
  • Medical administrative and logistical services to support work loads.
  • Dental treatment to staff and patients and oral surgery support for military personnel in the immediate area, plus patients referred by area dental units.

Constituted 15 March 1972 in the United States Army Reserve as the 365th Evacuation Hospital, and activated at Niagara Falls, New York. Ordered into active military service 21 November 1990 at Niagara Falls; released from active military service 25 March 1991 and reverted to reserve status. Reorganized and redesignated 17 September 1993 as the 865th General Hospital. Reorganized and redesignated 16 June 1997 as the 865th Combat Support Hospital. Reorganized and consolidated with elements from the 331st General Hospital in 1998, and headquarters relocated to New York Mills, New York.

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