Buffalo Military Entrance Processing Station

MEPS-MissionThe Buffalo Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) is one of the network of 65 MEPS located nationwide and in Puerto Rico. A separate Department of Defense agency, United States Military Entrance Processing Command (USMEPCOM) is comprised of two geographical sectors and staffed with personnel from all military services.

The mission of USMEPCOM and the Buffalo MEPS is to process individuals for enlistment or induction into the armed services, based on DoD approved peacetime and mobilization standards.  Three primary areas are considered in determining an applicant’s qualifications for enlistment: aptitude for military service, physical qualification and background evaluation screening.

During fiscal year 2012, the Buffalo MEPS had over 8,000 visitors and their workload consisted of :

  • 2,497 medical examinations
  • 3,375 enlistment contracts
  • 1, 724 members shipped out

There are 26 MEPS personnel assigned along with 15 Service liaisons from all branches of the military.

The Buffalo MEPS has primary enlistment responsibility for three counties in Pennsylvania and 11 counties in New York. Aside from the MEPS located in downtown Buffalo, five Military Entrance Test sites in the Buffalo MEPS area offer aptitude testing to applicants near their homes, which eliminated unnecessary applicant travel.

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